Pork Tamales 12 pack $14.00
Made with mild juicy pork roast with guajillo chile pods and spices.
Pork Jalapeños Tamales 12 pack $14.00 Same as traditional with a jalapeño biting flavor.

Chicken Tamales 12 pack $14.00
Made with chicken breast meat, tomatillo tangy sauce and spices.
Beef Tamales 12 pack $15.00 USDA prime choice chuck cooked on a spicy chile guajillo sauce. 

 Veggie Tamales 12 pack $14.00
Mixture of veggies sautéed with onion, bell pepper and special blend of spices.
Bean & Jalapeño Tamales 12 pack $14.00Farm raised beans with jalapeño and spices.

Salsa Rojas Pint Jar $7.00

 Salsa Verde Pint Jar $7.00

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